When the rising seas flood their city, Isla and Piper are stranded and forgotten in a beach shanty town. But when something unbelievable washes ashore it forces them all to stop hiding and start fighting back. Now they struggle to unite a city that doesn't want them and a world that won't believe, in order to save the home of those who live beneath the waves.


We didn't heed the warnings, we didn't stop. Coasts wiped out by flooding, dangerous surge storms, air pollution and rising temperatures. Precarious shanty towns on the coast are filled with those escaping drowned cities.

...two sisters displaced now that their city is under water.

Nobody can tell Piper that magic doesn't exist or that she can't grow up to become a scientist and save the world. Her stubborn optimism is matched only by her fearlessness, despite the drowning world around her.

Isla spends her time as a scrapper, scouring the beach and close-shore waters to find tradable wreckage. She battles to give her little sister a home and keep them safe against the goverment's furious cover-ups, a mysterious illness, and a world determined to ignore the planet's growing devastation.

Sya and her people must surface to survive, breaking centuries of isolation as the oceans deteriorate. Unsure if we are truly the danger she has been taught, Sya risks everything to find allies and make us understand – or else deliver a warning.

Every culture throughout history has lore and stories told about people living under the ocean. Children believed in magical creatures, hiding in the waves. Even now, in the year 2050, when only 5% of the oceans have been explored, the seas are crowded with garbage and sick with pollutants. Nobody believes that anything can really live there for long…let alone mermaids.

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Day of the Mermaids is a graphic novel interactive app 
for your phone or tablet. (There will also be a desktop version available.)

Please join me as this project grows! New artwork, app updates, beta testing
opportunities and voice recordings will find their way to this site.